Why Your Home Based Business Sucks

Do you know why your home based business sucks? Now I am not “knocking you” because you are involved in an MLM or some other type of business. But what are the reasons why so many are not doing as well in their own business?Let’s take a look at some crucial points to consider why most home based business suffer:1. Personal Development training. Most people think of this as the “rah rah” stuff and really don’t believe in it. Hey I was once a non believer myself! But if you really want something you have never had, you have to change as a person first to believe and build inspiration to achieve. This is the one thing that is lacking in most home based businesses. No one is changing as a person and therefore their business and income isn’t changing too.Personal development training is a MUST for your life and business and you may contact me for suggestions.2. Products or services. Do your products provide value to the market? Many home based businesses such as MLM’s provide, in my opinion, NON value driven products. Magical soaps and lotions? A cure all juice? Will that really benefit you and your family? Most people that get “pitched” on these types of products have the same thoughts “how is this really any different from what I use?”, or “I have to order more stuff every month?” Having products that have REAL value and are in high demand will help your business become more prosperous.3. Your Compensation plan is not meeting your financial needs. I see this many times: people getting into a home based business for the money! They don’t really care about the product. Yes, money is important, but if you are selling products just to make $20 a pop, will this really meet your financial goals? Probably not, unless you want to make $100 a week. First set your financial goals. Now most people think “realistically” which is only telling themselves to limit their dreams. Figure out what you are worth!!4. Sponsorship. Now you need to determine if your business is sponsor dependent or system dependent. Do you have to rely of your sponsor? Most people do. Here’s the problem: Most will join an MLM and want to be sponsored by someone that is doing very well in the business so they may have their hand held. The sponsor may be doing very well in the business but a lot of sponsors (the ones who are true leaders) don’t “hold hands”.This will frustrate the newly sponsored distributor and failure sets in. A business model that is system dependent instead of sponsor dependent will decrease the failure rate, guaranteed! (Remember the MLM Letter I told you to read?)5. Education. Most people don’t know how to run a home business. They get their products, think they understand the comp plan, got their sponsor’s phone number in their pocket and are on their way to making millions! With this industry constantly changing and improving, getting the latest education is a MUST in building your business to where you want it. Most will get some home business training and think that is all they need.IN CONCLUSION:Too many people aren’t thinking BIG!! The home based business industry is so much bigger with opportunity than most think. With education from the top leaders in this industry it is vital to learn from the pros to take your business to where YOU want it!I appreciate the opportunity to serve you today,Greg Schmidt
Home Business Educator

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